Use these grommet seals to run lines through various panels in place of bulkhead fittings. Made from fire-retardant rubber bonded to an anodized aluminum ring.
Grommet Seals
999400Seal, 1.5" Dia. Blank-Single
999402Seal, 3" Dia. 1/4" Hole-Single
999404Seal, 3" Dia. 1/2" Hole-Single
999406Seal, 3" Dia. 1" Hole-Single
999408Seal, 5 1/4" Long, Two Hole
999410Seal, 2" Dia. .400" Hole-Bellows Style
999412Seal, 1.5" Dia. Blank-Pointed


These lightweight stainless steel band clamps are "just the ticket" for push on applications that will see elevated pressures or temperatures. With a simple squeeze of the pliers you can add the extra measure of protection to any push-on hose assembly. Sold in pairs by hose size, and also available in a Master pack of 10 clamps of each size. Special crimping pliers may be utilized for installation & E-Z clamp removal. A must for every toolbox. 

 Push Lock Clamp
999150Clamp Pliers
999154-4 - Pair
999156-6 - Pair
999158-8 - Pair
999160-10 - Pair
999162-12 - Pair
99917010 Ea. Master Pack

 Alum. - A-N-901 Crush Washer
999202-4 (7/16") - 10PK
999203-6 (9/16") - 10PK
999204-8 (3/4") - 10PK
999205-10 (7/8") - 10PK
999206-12 (1 1/16") - 10PK
999208-16 (1 5/16") - 10PK
99921010MM - 10PK
9992111/2" - 10PK
Replacement Crush Washers
999101For 491950, 967 - (5/8" I.D.)
999102For 491951, 966,977,978 - (9/16" I.D.)
999103For 492952, 957,958,975,976 -  (7/8" I.D.)
999104For 491965, - (1" I.D.)

 Viton "O"-Ring
(sold in packs of 10)

 Nylon Sealing Washer 
9991269/16" ID (6)-10 Pack
9991283/4" ID (8)-
10 Pack
9991307/8" ID (10)-
10 Pack
9991321 1/16" ID (12)-10 Pack
99913413/16" I.D. Special for 100017BL -16

Special Tools & Accessories

Vice Jaws

These magnetized aluminum vice jaws will hold your fittings securely during assembly. Fits most vices with 3" jaws.

900061Fits most vises with 3" jaws

37° Flaring Tool
The A-N specification calls for a 37° JIC flare in order to seal hard line tubing on the flare of the matching adapter. This economical flaring tool works on 3/16" through 5/8" diameter tubing. The faceted, hard chrome-finished cone rolls out a perfect flare and burnishes the surface at the same time. Large handle gives excellent leverage.
900500For 3/16"-5/8" Diameter Tubing

Teflon Tape

9000631/4" X 43'

Lever Tubing Benders
Open slide slips over the tube at any point. Makes smooth, tight radius bends up to 180 degree with minimum effort. Does not score or flatten the tubing.

3/16" & 14" Lever Tubing Benders
9005013/16" Hard Line Bender
9005021/4" Hard Line Bender


#3 & #4 P.T.F.E
Braid Spreader

This handy tool makes it a snap to open up the braiding in order to seat the "olive" over the P.T.F.E liner on #3 & #4 hose. This tool can also be used to flush up against the end of the hose before continuing the installation of reusable hose ends.


#3 & #4 PTFE Braid Spreader
900065For #3 & #4 Hose

Koul Tool
This handy composite device make installing the socket over the cut end of the stainless hose a breeze. Simply open the clamshell, insert the socket, clamp the Koul Tool in a vise, or secure with Vise-Grip pliers. Push the hose through the opening with a twisting motion, and the hard part of hose assembly is done. Three sizes in a box, and they fit all brands of A-N fittings.

900510Fits -4, -6 & -8
900511Fits -10, -12 & -16

Double Open End Wrench Set
Manufactured from heat treated aluminum, for the best compatibly with aluminum fittings. Perfect for tightening A-N hose ends in confined spaces. Wrenches have two different angles on the openings for ease of use. These wrenches come drilled for storage on a rack, thus freeing up space in tool box. Sold in sets of five and individually.

Double Open End Wrench Set
900084-4 Double Open End Wrench
900086-6 Double Open End Wrench
900088-8 Double Open End Wrench
900090-10 Double Open End Wrench
900092-12 Double Open End Wrench
900096-16 Double Open End Wrench
900098-20 Double Open End Wrench
900100Set of 5 -6 through -16

Hand Held Hose Shear
There are a number of methods for cutting the stainless braided hose, but the quickest and easiest is the hand held hose shear. With one stroke, hose up to -12 can be cut quickly and cleanly. Some braid strands may need additional clipping with side cut wire pliers. NOTE: Not  all types of hose, as some multi-layer hose like power steering hose may be too thick or tough.

900062Hand Held Hose Shear

Hose Test Kit
This economical pressure test kit is a must for every toolbox. It allows the quick testing of your -3 through -16 hose assemblies. A compressed air source is needed to pressurize the hose, plus a water bath to submerge and check for leaks.

(Tests sing hose assembly.)
900060Complete Kit